SOD Enzyme Powder

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) 

One of nature's most active antioxidant enzymes as it scavenges superoxide free radical.

It's not TEA, it's enzyme Powder with effective ingredients to promote weight loss.


14 Japan import SOD enzyme raw material

14 patent certificate

♦ Enhances endogenous antioxidant defenses

♦ Support cognitive performance and reduces mental fatigue


3 import patented enzyme raw material

♦ Cantaloupe SOD extraction, enhance body function, power up

♦ Rice Germ Bean Fermentation Extraction

♦ Rose Petal Extraction rejuvenate skin, promote inner beauty

Specification: 5g/sachet, (30 sachets/ bag)



♦ Relief constipation

♦ 4-8 hours after drink speed metabolism

♦ Promote weight loss 

♦ Help achieve Flat tummy 

♦ Burns fat

Nutritional Facts

5g per sachet

30 sachets per bag

  Serving  NRV%
Calories 18 kcal 0.9%
Proteins    0.1 g 0.2%
Fat       0 g 0%
Saturated Fat       0 g  0%
Trans Fat       0 g *
Carbohydrate  4.3 g 1.4%
Sugar  0.9 g *
Sodium 3.4 mg 0.2%


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