What's the advantages of effervescent tablets?
1)It's east to be absorbed by our body.
2)Effervescent tablets can be used to protect certain ingredients from the highly acidic environment of the stomach, so that the body has a chance to access them.
3)Fashionable and easy-taking.

Product Name
Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc 15mg + Vitamin D3 1000 IU Effervescent Tablets

Main Ingredients
vitamin c, vitamin d3, zinc gluconate, citric acid, sodium carbonate, sucralose, sorbitol, orange juice powder, magnesium stearate, povidone K30, sunset yellow, orange essence

Tablet Weight
4g or any other tablet weight you want

4g x 20 tablets per tube 

vitamin c 1000mg, zinc 15mg, vitamin d3 1000 IU, and orange flavor

Usage and dosage
1 tablet one time, 3 tablets one day. Put one tablet into about 200ml warm (cool) drinking water and drink after it dissolves. Drink it after meals.

Should not be more than the dose recommended or use the same kind of product in the meantime; Should not be swallowed

Keep tightly in a cool and dry place.

Vitamin C + Zinc + Vitamin D3 Effervescent Tablets Sugar Free 20 pcs per Tube

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